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Palestine Chronicle: an ordinary day in occupied territories, May 2022

This feed will be updated until Palestine is free – Day one is 30 th of May 2022

This is a snapshot of an “ordinary” day in the occupied territories. We decided not to show the bombing with sophisticated (American) weaponry of entire Palestinian communities while they’re fighting back with slingshots.

This is another dehumanizing day in the occupied territories, where life tries to make its way through checkpoints, blockaded zones, settlers terrorism under Israeli force’s supervision, land spoliation, illegal constructions…

Expansion and greed for more land at ALL costs …

The international community can’t say we did not know or we did not see.

7 decades of abuse and ethnical cleansing has mobilized the occupied territories into resistance groups, some powerful nations calling themselves democracies, labelled those groups as “terror groups” suppressing all kind of resistance and legitimating criminal attacks on Palestinian communities and institutions.

Palestinian war against suppression of their culture and country is an aberration for humanity permitted by the powers leaning (another time ) to the wrong side. The same whose legacy to the world is colonialism, nazism, fascism, and slavery.

Displacing the abuse from one part of the world to another.

The world has to say NO to the “normalization” of such crimes and fight the illegal occupation by abiding by international laws Israel ignores in all impunity with ongoing Western countries’ support.

Whose turn will it be after Palestine ?

June first 2022 – Another journalist killed by Jewish occupant army soldiers today, Ghufran Wanasrah was 31 when she fell under the bullets of 4 Israeli snipers. Western media portrayed her as an “assailant with a knife” normalising an abhorrent crime in order for their public opinion to feel guiltfree .. she was a reporter already jailed for her work exposing Israeli crime sponsorised by the US/France/UK …

Ghufran Wanasrah RIP

Jewish extremism is at the centre of the occupation plot against Palestinians owners of the land

While attention is monopolised by Russian intervention in Ukraine, Israel kills …

Endless land spoliation and abuses

Ali Mezouar

Éditorialiste en Chef

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